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Re: Back Seat Entry?

I had left my trunk open in Manhattan a couple of months ago and the wind
blew it open. Not a single thing was stolen (had some tools inside) and
nothing else wrong. I don't know... Would have been cool to have seen
someone try to get in through the back seat, though.

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On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Al Powell wrote:

> Dan da man sez:
> [snippage]
> >...hood and trunk. On average cars (non-audi) the pin-sensor at the 
> >hood discourages the battery and siren from being disconnected. If 
> >the thief knows which model to bust into, he can go through the 
> >trunk and bust out the rear seat to disconnect the battery and 
> >defeat older alarms without a backup battery supply.
> REALLY?  ROTFL!!  Maybe in most cars is's possible to "bust out 
> the back seat", BUT I'd *almost* be willing to let a thief into the 
> trunk of my 200 and see just how long it took him to bust through the 
> solid sheet-metal bulkhead behind the rear seat back.  If he had room 
> to swing a 10-pound hammer and didn't mind making 100+ dB of noise 
> and rocking the car like it was going down a flight of steps (a bit 
> conspiculus, y'know) he might manage penetration in, say, 20 minutes 
> of intense labor, roughly equivalent to chopping down a 16" diameter 
> oak tree.  Using any smaller tool, it could take an hour or 
> more....with grit-teeth determination.
> It would be FUN to watch.  Hell, after that much work, he'd have darn 
> near earned it!  I doubt any theives are quite that determined.
> Our motto: "Steal an Audi 5K/100/200 by entering through the trunk 
> and prepare for a career: working on a chain gang.... "
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