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Re: Dent Removal

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Al Powell wrote:

> > From:          "Ken Keith" <keith@specialdevices.com>
> Ken asked, relative to dent repair:
> > So, they don't have to soften the paint any?  They just rely on the
> > flexibility of the paint to keep it from breaking?
> You got it.
> > This is very interesting.
> To me, too.  I watched at close range.

Will it work on doors?  I've got a barely noticable (but driving me crazy)
crease in one of the rear doors of my new A4Q.  It hasn't reached the
point where I'm ready to pay for a traditional repair, but if the Dent
Doctors/Wizards/Bubbas actually work, I'll be a much happier person.  (Now
if I can just get my hands on the ***** who opened the door of a
double-parked limo into me, I'll be really happy.)
>  > > What happens if it chips as a result of the repair?  Do they offer
> > any kind of "plan B" so to speak (do they guarantee it won't chip,
> > or pay to repaint)?
> Probably depends on the firm doing the work.  In my case, it was 
> clear that the paint was OK and should remain so.  

Hmmm, I can't even find a mark on the paint, so I should be ok here.
> If you're really curious, why not ask to drop by one of these firms 
> and watch them work for a few minutes?
Did you use a local firm or a chain?  Does anyone feel comfortable
recommending any of the chains?  If not, is there anyone in the NYC metro
area that can be recommmended?

dreaming of extreme forms of torture for door-dingers