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Re: quote for repainting 200, help!

>I was given a rough quote for repainting a 91 200tq, metallic, at being 
around $1500 materials, $3000 labor for a grand total of $4500. 
... This seemed like highway robbery.

It is robbery, though I'll allow for some regional differences.  I had 2 
IMHO "classics" painted for that amount (in the greater Boston area).  
1, a notoriously tough to paint, well, Corvette and the other my UrQ.  
The UrQ was a metallic color as well.  With the use of Urethane and 
water based paints today, you can expect better than factory materials 
and urethane CC should last a decade with no crazing or fading.  Unless 
you need alot of body work, I see little reason why you couldn't get a 
very nice job for $2,500 or less.
WRT a $4,000 job for a CQ, I was just quoted less than 25% of that to 
repaint 1/2 of my 91 CQ (from the above shop)and remove parking lot 
dings and some vandalism from the drivers side and hood!

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