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Re: Help - Audi 100 2.8E engine management

It's under the dash on the passenger side.


Arild Johan Ingebrigtsen wrote:

> I am thinking of chip tuning my 1993 Audi 100 Avant 2.8E Quattro, and I
> need to find the box which contains the Bosch engine management system,
> where the chip is located. I have been looking in the engine bay and under
> the dashboard, but I can not find it anywhere. Can anyone help me and tell
> me where to look for the engine management box?
> I am thinking of installing a chip from SuperChips and a K&N air intake
> filter. Do anyone have experience with chip tuning of the Audi 2.8E engine?
> If you could be so kind to share your experiences with me, I would be very
> appreciative.
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