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Ugly wagons (Audi's competition)

christian sez:
> I noticed how the car almost looks like it was meant to be a wagon.
>Why?  Well, it all comes down to how these car manufacturers turn a sedan in
>a wagon.  If you look at the Saturn wagon, or the Tarus wagon, you will see
>they keep the rear doors and C pilar out line intact to save money, and in t
>process, it looks awful....like a home built project.
>The Audi wagon looks great (some goes for the A4 wagon.)  The rear doors and
>the windshield have been redesigned to give it a great flowing shape that
>looks like it was in the plans from the begining, not an afterthought like t
>previously mentioned wagons.
i have always thought this really separated the tqw from other wagons.
to me, it looks like they designed the original 5000/200 wagon first and
then turned it into a sedan.  the reason audi can pull this off is
because of the flush door glass, another audi technological innovation
of the 80's.  in fact, the only difference between the wagon and sedan
on the rear door are the glass itself and the guide channel
(the rubber part that seals the glass.)  the door and the inner frame
(which includes the metal window surround) are the same.  if you look
under the glass you can see the curve that exists for the sedan

> This gives me hope, since I am about to enter
>the hell, er, I mean Happiness of marriage.  When I'm forced to have kids, I
>don't have to worry about an ugly wagon or worse yet, a testosterone robbing
>minivan in my garage that says "no longer has sex or fun."
the ring on your finger will tell everybody the same thing...   =8)


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