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scott, bmw and quattro

In message <l03020904b1598b7be99c@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> merlin <merlin> wrote:

> >I jus can't wait for an M3 vs. S4 comparo?

> Some German magazine did that a couple of months ago. M3 won by a small
> margin, and not on all counts. If there's any interest I'll look up the
> magazine from the pile, and do a translation.
> Tom

M3 didn't win in the car park outside Jayway Tools in Kettering today.

I was just leaving and a tool company sales representative was coming
in, in an M3.  Granted, F600 JVJ does look _NEAT_ after the bodywork
was done - but the look of sheer envy was unmistakable.  I was actually
quite impressed with the "fit and finish" of the M3 - much better than
I remember from the cars of three or four years ago.  He, OTOH, simply
drooled over the ur-quattro.  His problem is that his fleet insurance
company simply won't insure a car over five years old.  We had a good
long chat - bonnets were raised and engine technology compared.  Quite
interesting.  I think BMW have made some progress.

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