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Re: quote for repainting 200, help!

From: Andrew Duane USG/PE <duane@zk3.dec.com>
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Brett Dikeman say:
>> I was given a rough quote for repainting a 91 200tq, metallic, at being
>> around $1500 materials, $3000 labor for a grand total of $4500.  Another
>> shop said something similar.
>I think your comment says it all. $3000 labor? Even at $50/hour,
>thats 60 hours, or 1.5 work weeks. $1500 materials? Even the BEST
>urethane paint doesn't cost that much.

actually, for a NICE job, this doesn't sound too far off.  many years back
(1985), my sister's car got keyed--badly (4 of 9 panels).  this was a red
metallic 1980 4k 2dr.  the dealer's body shop estimate was the low one:
$3k.  two different (trusted) independent shops wanted $4k.  (no, earl
scheib or spray king didn't get a chance to estimate this) this was for a
complete repaint job, assuming no prep work by owner.  for a car she paid
$3000 for, this didn't make any sense.  fortunately, the perp was caught
and paid up (amazing story, really).  the work was done at one of the
independents, on only the keyed panels--great work--color matched
incredibly well--only when you felt how much smoother the repaint was would
you know it wasn't a complete repaint.
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