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Honesty Please (A4 v. 318i)

I know this sounds stupid to many of you, but my father is comparing two 
new cars to buy.  The A4 1.8t and the '97 318i.  He wants a 4-door car 
with decent power and good reliablity.  He likes the quattro and is 
actually leaning towards getting a nice pearl white A4.  i test drove a 
beautiful Laser Red A4 1.8t Sport w/ him and i was so amazed.  I was just 
wondering if there is any advice any one has to put the nail in the 
coughin on that WMB.

Mike Robinson
Santa Clara, CA
1988 Audi 90 Quattro
153,000+ miles
1979 BMW 528i
190,000+ miles