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For Sale


1990 Audi 80 quattro
White with beige interior
All Wheel Drive with lockable rear differential
4 door
5 speed
130,000 miles


2.3 liter 5 cyl, 130 hp, 140 lb-ft torque
27 mpg, running 93 octane, mostly highway, but that is my actual mpg
14 inch wheels with 195/60 all season Michileins - OK tread left
Power windows w/rear child lock
Power locks w/rear child lock
Power side view mirrors
Manual sliding and tilting sunroof
Rear window defogger
4-wheel ABS. ABS can be turned off
Driver side air bag
Front and rear fog lights
SKI package: pass thru in rear seat with bag and tie for skis, heated
side view mirrors, heated windshield washer nozzles, heated headlight
washers, heated front seats
Velour seats
Cruise control
Anti-theft AM/FM cassette - six speakers

*All of the above work 

Good stuff:

Very clean interior, 4 - color matching floor mats (and say 'quattro' in
the front), no cracks in dash, no tears in seats, runs well, rides
great, clean looking

Bad stuff: (or stuff I would fix for $5,000)

There are about 4-5 little switch lights that need to be replaced, I've
replaced about 3 so far, switches are fine, just the lights are out on
some.  Front seats show a bit of wear - about 130,000 miles worth -
might have steam cleaned or covered. One nickel sized dent in passenger
rear quater panel. Lower trim on front doors starting to come loose. I
can tell the paint has been touched up at some time, but don't think it
needs repainting (although if you give me $5,000 I would, beacuse I'm
not that fond of white).  And maybe put 15 inch wheels on because it
would look better.


My 215,000 mile VW Golf was needing a lot of little things, that added
up to about $2,000, so I sold that off quick and bought the Audi.  I
like it, but at the same time the ride is too soft for me and I don't
like white cars or 4 doors. 

Before I picked it up the PO (of which there have only been me and one
other, both located in southern Ohio) put about $2,000 into it - new
ignition system, new hoses, new battery, tune up, etc. (I have the
reciepts) When I picked it up I changed the oil and oil filter, air
filter, fuel filter and the O2 sensor. I have used only Bosch oil
filters and semi-sythetic 10w-40 oil, changed every 3,500 miles. The
only 'fixing' I had to do was the coolant temp sender needed to be
replaced, did that, gauge works fine now. 

I have put 8,000 miles on the car, never had a problem, good highway

Has original Owners Manual.

I'll throw the Bentley's factory guide in too if that would help move it

Asking $6000, will take from Audi fan $5000 (www.kbb.com = $6700,
www.carprices.com = $7500) Have found perfect 944, need cash fast!

Dayton, Ohio