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Re: '95 A6 using oil?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rusty A. Schlacke say:

> I just had to have my oil changed, earlier than expected, because it was
> making the "low on oil noise", but no oil light ever cam on.  Check the
> dip stick, and the oil leve didn't even register, bad, very bad.
> Anyway, had the oil changed on 4/1 and noticed that now, after about 400
> miles, that the oil level on the dip stick show right at the max level,
> where before it read a little higher than that.  I'm puzzled, because I
> don't see the blue smoke, nor are there oil marks on my garage floor.
> Dealer told me to keep an eye on it, so I am.
> Has anyone experienced this with their 2.8 V6?  How about late model V6
> engines?  My car only has 30k miles.  If so, what was the
> problem/solution?

These engines will consume a certain amount of oil. How many miles
did it take to consume how many quarts? I have seen 1 quart in 3K.
I would think anything over this is "excessive".


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