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RE: Difficulty in selling 83TQC

>I have been trying to sell my 83 ur-q for almost a year.  I have advertised
>it in the quattro list marketplace, other internet sites, newspapers (LA
>Times, SF Chronicle, SanBernardino Sun, Sacramento Bee) and the Quattro
>quarterly.  I have received about one call from each listing.  Two people
>even came and looked at the car, but they just wanted to drive a ur-q.

You might try Autoweek but it certainly seems you've got your hook in the
right place ... are you putting your asking price in the ad?  If so, then
I'd have to assume you're asking too much, whatever that may be.  You may be
surprised how little these cars are selling for lately and it's starting to
look like $9k is the top of the market for a very good-to-excellent
condition '83; average condition cars are bringing $6-7k and daily-drivers
can be had as low as $3k (or even $1k, as I heard about recently!).  '84 and
'85 cars seem to be holding their value a little better but with so few
around and even fewer for sale, it's rather hard to track the market for
them very accurately.

Because the prices for complete-and-running cars are so soft at the moment,
project cars aren't bringing much, either ... after all, why buy a car that
you have to rebuild when for a few bucks more, you can get one that's
already assembled and runs?

Probably not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure...  :^(
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