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re: Ugly Wagons... and kids (No Q content)

> This gives me hope, since I am about to enter
>the hell, er, I mean Happiness of marriage.  When I'm forced to have kids, I
>don't have to worry about an ugly wagon or worse yet, a testosterone robbing
>minivan in my garage that says "no longer has sex or fun."
the ring on your finger will tell everybody the same thing...   =8)

Buddy of mine was a Jaguar enthusiast.  Specifically XJ12's.  Got married and
immediately traded his XJ for an XKE roadster.  Wife says: " There's
no way both of us will fit in there with any kids".  Buddy says "Yep."

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
Corsa, TR6, UrQ, C900T and two uncomfortable kids