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Re: ATE blue brake fluid

At 1:17 AM -0400 4/14/98, Chewy4000 wrote:
>Does any lister use this nice blue brake fluid?
>About how much does it sell for, and who carries it?
>I'm in need of flushing and filling with some new stuff.
>I hear alot of flushing technikes her on the list, but today while helping
>Sakis finish his new VW AUDI twin turbo Quattro S1 for Ski Saw Mill Rally, I
>asked him how.
>He said, the best way is too lift the car loosen the bleaders overnight and
>the tighten and fill.
>Has anyone thied this?
>Take a look at his new ride at EURO SPORT AUTO SERVICE in NY
> <A HREF="http://www.180sportsclassics.com/race/sakis.htm">Sakis Motorsports
>Thanks in advance
>89 200Tq
>84 4000q

My mechanic recomended NOT using it since it is harder to tell if it is
dirty.  ATE makes the same stuff in amber as well.

My $0.02 worth

'90 CQ (still looking for dark '91 w/low miles but giving up hope...)