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Fuse box trouble '84 Ur-q

I wrote a post on Sunaday but no one has written back.  I worked a bit on the
Ur-q this past weekend to try to figure out a very poor idle.  Well after
working on the car on Saterday I closed it up and then tried to start it on
Sunday, no go.  This has happened once before and it was the 15amp fuse for
the fuel injection.  I looked at it and low and behold the fuse was blown
again.  Bt this time the fuse was melted as is a portion of fuse boxe where
the #13? fuse goes shows signs of melting.  There is a definate proublem here
and I'm a bit nervous about driving the car now.  The car has a '88 MC sng
knock sensor motor in it.  I did not do the conversion.  The first time this
happen the car was very low on gas and I thought the fuse went because of the
pump unloaded from the fuel running away from the pump and when the fuel hit
the pump it got loaded up and drew to many amps.  But with this latest
"happening" I have to think that something is really wrong.  I would really
hate for my car to go up in smoke.  I think I remember a thread on the forum a
couple of years back talking about trouble with the fuse boxes in the Ur-q.
Any help would me greatly appriciated.