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RE: 91 V8Q climate control question

> It seems that after ~30min driving with the climate control set on either
> auto or bilevel I'm getting cold air out of the dashboard vents while the
> rest of the system is still supplying heat.
> This, of course, assumes that it's cold enought so that the system are in
> heating mode.
> Anything to look for? Again, this is a 91 V8Q with the 5 button climate
> control..
> /Peter
> 91 V8Q

Mine seems to do this too, but I'm not sure that there is anything wrong with 
it. If I am not in fact mistaken (*is* warm air ever supposed to come out of 
the dash vents in this HVAC system?) then it might be a 
smoking-German-driver-flowthrough-ventilation-system "feature". Mine does this 
bi-level effect after the significant heating (via floor and windshield vents) 
has taken place, in econ where I usually run it. It is also my understanding 
that any position other than econ runs the AC compressor, not needed in the 
winter around here except for defrosting and occasional use to keep the 
compressor seals happy. Although the AC does have a low-temp disable around 
35F, it will then run in the range 35-60F where you don't really need it unless 
it's very sunny.

A friend with an I-snooze-u Trooper with a stuck-open thermostat couldn't 
understand why he didn't get more heat in "def" - well, the AC was on and 
overpowering the lukewarm coolant. Was a cold ski trip until I pointed that 
out. His slushbox also wouldn't shift into OD because of the 
lower-than-normal-operating coolant temp.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 87k, climate control thinks it's smarter than I am
1988 GTI 16v, 176k, hotter hots and colder colds, and no backtalk either