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RE:FS: 1985 4ksqt-CALLAWAY


Will someone one pleeze help poor Eugene out!  AND said person could also go ahead and duplicate that turbo that about 200 of us want for our 4k, CGT, syncro, etc...

$100 R&D funding right here if a capable person comes forward ;-)!

Derek Daily
86 VW qsw (would love that turbo)
90 CQ

>>> Eugene Tyurin <gene@insti.physics.sunysb.edu> - 4/15/98 12:55 PM >>>

Baby = 1985 4000sq with 200k miles, Callaway turbo, stick, etc. --
posted at Dan's q-market.  Do you want it for $1800? 

Eugene Tyurin (215)790-1178