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Re: 4KQ callaway turbo

Jay Rabe <brabe@snet.net>
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Turn that stuff off, man.  Use ASCII pleez!

> Why doesn't everybody that actually wants the turbo kit remarketed send
> New Dimensions an e-mail requesting the kit be made available.  For
> anyone that doesn't know, ND bought callaway's vw kits.  Their web page
> is www.newdimensions.com .


ND only bought the rights/plans/etc. to the VW kits.  Callaway didn't
sell them the Audi kits.  Callaway's who you'd have to convince, or maybe
ND would get those rights if there was enough demand.

With the MC conversion option, tho', I don't know if there would be
enough demand.  I believe only the somewhat hardcore would actually do
either one, and you can take the factory turbo further than you could the
conversion.  My opinion.

As for Eugene's Callaway 4kq, I wish I had the money right now (what am I
saying?!?). If someone could actually pull off a knock off, I'd be in for
some dough too.  I wonder about the exhaust manifold and such tho'.

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