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Re: Audi 90 What year?

> "zzz" on a Porsche or an Audi designates a european spec. car.
> The seventh and eighth digits(81) of the vin# for a US spec. car decodes as a
> 4000,
> the tenth digit(H) indicates model year 1987 and the eleventh digit(A)
> indicates that the car was built in Ingolstadt.
> The paint code LY5V tells me your Audi should be sapphire poly, a very light
> blue.
> The rest of the info on your tag is not available to me.
> Steve Holmes
> 91 200 20vTQ
Does someone know how to map these vin#'s in general ( Audi vs. Audi,
Audi vs. other (non-)car manufacturers ) ?

	Martin Friedrich