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Re: A/C compressot speed...

Check for faulty AC compressor relay.  Also the relay *socket* can go bad.
This happened to my '89 200tq.  A wire jumper between the socket positions
for the two active pins of the relay should give you useful information.  I
ran my car for > 1 year with such a jumper with an in-line manual on/off
switch so that I could be the relay in charge.  It worked fine.  Now that
the socket has been repaired it works even better.

At 09:25 AM 4/16/98 +0300, you wrote:
>Now, when days become warmer, I discovered that my climate control (A/C)
>is not cooling the air. It is as warm as the outside temperature:( 
>One of reasons could be, that there is no gas (freon)  in A/C,
>But today I found, that the compressor speed is 000. (That's the number
>shown on the On-Board Diagnostic display in the Climate Control unit.) And
>as I found out, the A/C Compressor speed should be equal to the engine
>speed in rmp x 1.28.
>Does anybody got any idiea what the problem is, and what to look for... is
>it the Compressor which is bad, or maybe there is only some faulty switch?
>Any ideas welcome....
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