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Phil's part list

In message <61979DA1E723D1118C9D00805F156E93930B80@xch-cpc-01> "Lewis, Gary M" writes:

> For all the screwing we get at the hands of repair shops and dealers (I
> know there are honest ones, on this list and elsewhere), I also had to
> grin when I read Phil's post.  How scary is it for a repair shop when
> the customer comes back with a list that includes P/N's and
> specifications?  Sorry to hear about the state of the car, but I wish I
> could see the look on the guys face when Phil shows up.  Good Luck,
> Phil.

As I said, I wasn't going to let Wayside Bodyshop anywhere near it
again.  However, I can't afford not to.  After driving the car for 500
miles or so, it's become obvious that all is not well with the steering.

Off to BR Motorsport, where I spent a happy hour or so with Martin this
morning, wandering over the car.  The biggest problem is that the "new"
steering rack isn't - it's as badly bent on the left as the one they
removed was on the right.  The bent actuator rod inside the rack has
worm through the seal and the good ol' Pentosin is pouring out.

So I have to add the following to the list:

a) Defective steering rack fitted.  Rack leaks and locks up at full
   right lock.

b) Tie rod end canted over in strut arm.

c) Incorrect alignment (no camber on right front wheel).

d) Hydraulic reservoir overfilled.

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