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Vendor Alert

Watch out for Versus Motorsport of Glendale, Arizona, and Cookie Graphics
of Tujunga, California.  Versus advertised checkered flag decals for
hood/fender in European Car magazine.  Ordered decal set and received
damaged goods.  They washed their hands of it and told me to call the
manufacturer: Cookie Graphics.  I learned that Versus simply added $20 to
the price and had them drop-shipped to me by Cookie.  It gets
weirder....Cookie added $15 shipping but it arrived four weeks later with
$3.42 postage showing.  Cookie said they had a dishonest employee who said
he was shipping via UPS but dropped it in the snail mailbox and pocketed
the difference.  So sorry but nothing we can do.  Meanwhile, Cookie says
they'll replace my damaged decal however another four weeks has passed and
nothing yet.  Another phone call and they guy at Cookie says he'll check on
it but he doesn't need my address again.....am I slow here or what?  I've
generally had excellent service with European Car advertisers but these
guys smell funny.