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Re: Blue Bulb Physics (Sci Fi)

> You may be able to control the emission spectrum of the lamp, and shift
> the radiated light to a more desirable frequency, without losing the
> precious candlepower.  I.E. you emit as much light, but at a freq. that the
> Rods can more easily pick up.  Cones sense colour better, but are much
> less sensative.  The light that hits the blue "filter" may not be absorbed,
> but may instead relected back into the bulb, where the photons are put back
> to work and subsequently re-emitted.  If you selectively recycle the "bad"
> frequencies into "good" frquencies, you don't lose those precious candlepower,
> but you do control which discrete frequencies are eventually projected.
> Make any sense?

Not really.  By what mechanism will the "bad" f's be absorbed and
re-emitted as the "good" frequencies?

Huw Powell