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RE: $KQ callaway turbo

    MAybe you should try calling them before you speak up.  As has been
noted on the list before, about 4 months ago or something, They bought
the  VW kit for the 2.0 4cyl.  NOT the AUdi kit for the 5cyl.  According
to them, who I called and E-Mailed, They   DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING FOR THE
AUDI.  They were adamant that they bought ONLY the VW stuff and even if
they wanted to do the Audi stuff, they couldn't.  They don't even know
where the old tooling would be.
    My guess is Callaway still holds the rights to it but whether or not
it is still sitting a  garage or not is for someone to know (who
probably died by now) and for us to probably never find out.  Too bad
really but oh well.  An MC conversion makes a better car anyhow as the
callaway was limited to 6psi I believe as I dont think they added sodium
filled valves, etc.
    Oh, and I am not trying to sund like a know-it-all but I did call
them and talk to them.  I really doubt they woudl lie about that so I
believe them.
Good Day
Todd Phenneger

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock,
the stream always wins...
not through strength, but through persistance."