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200tqw Eibach Spring Part#s...

thompson sez:
>Just wanted to verify part#s on some (never used) Eibach springs that I
>recently purchased for my '89 200tqw. They are a ProKit and the box
>part# was torn off. Here are the part#'s stamped on the springs.
>Front: 1506.001
>Rear: 1506.002
the prokit part number is 1506.140
these are the same parts i have on my 86 tqw.
according to "the ric":
>"Spings are Custom Wound to my specs the car is lowered but only by 7/8" .
"custom wound" means "off-the-shelf" in this particular case...

>I was told by Eibach that these are for the 5000/100/200. I was also
>told by the person that I bought them from that they are for the 200tq.
>Eibach said that they don't make springs for a wagon. So are the rear
>spring rates going to be a little different, if these are for just a
>sedan?  They should work with the wagon tho?
according to the fiche, the wagon and sedan differ in the rear
suspension by three pieces.  spring, shock and rubber bumper.
in addition, there was a change in spring and shock part #'s starting with
build date 1/86 (G073363).  at this point, wagon and sedan shared the
same spring part number but still had different shocks specified.
btw my fiche only goes up to my88, so your 89 may be different yet from
the 86>88 44q's...


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