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board computer:fuel consumption correction

Tonight, while waiting for the Seinfeld show, I was perusing my Bentley
manuals. I suppose I could have been having a conversation with my spouse,
but...I was perusing my Bentleys.

I found a tidbit that somehow was missed during my previous 2 or 3
browsings through this section (page 91.5 in the '89-'91 100/200 Bentley).
It pertains to the fuel consumption correction factor used by the board
computer to determine the MPG value. I recall about 6 months ago there was
a thread on how to change this factor by up to +/-15% --using a set of
microswitches on the darkside of the instrument panel. At the time, it
seemed as though the value of this correction factor could be known only by
interpreting the various microswitch positions. Not so.

If you're wondering how _your_ board computer is presently set w/resp. to
the fuel consumption correction factor, there's a way that's far easier
than peering at the backside of the instrument panel:

* switch ignition OFF
* press and hold down the reset button (on bottom of w. wiper stalk)
* switch ignition ON
* release reset button
* press _upper_ function-selector switch (end of stalk) and hold down
* fuel consumption correction factor is displayed (mine was "0")

The sign (-) is displayed only for negative corrections. A value of 0 means
"no correction" is being used (and hence you can change the MPG reading by
as much as +/-15%)

Remember, this factor needs to be increased in order to reduce the MPG
value (and vice-versa).

Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com