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radiator hose connection

hi ted, i had the same problem about a year ago. i removed the broken stub
from the hose and found that a bicycle fork column (1") has athreaded end
which could screw into the residual stub on the rad. i cleaned out the
inside of the stub and cleaned up the cut section of fork column. i then
used locktight thread replacement compound and applied it to the inside of
the rad stub and to the threaded portion of the fork column. i also brazed
on a stepped section so that the the stub on the rad and the fork insert
would have the same diameter. you could clean the broken stub piece and
slide it over the column using the same locktight compound. (it is cured in
30 mins). i then clamped on the hose in two places. one as close in to the
rad as possible and the other on the repaired stub.
mike mulholland

ps i'll have to uns*b for about two weeks while i move across the country
from bc interior to southern ontario. i'll really miss this list!! thanks dan.