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RE: 5k radiator


     I had the same flange break on my '83 5kt plastic radiator.  I looked
     into the repair method (glue + new stub flange) but I got some
     negative feedback about it from this list at the time.  I opted to
     replace the OE radiator with an aftermarket all brass one.  I believe
     that Chris Semple at Autobahn (603-226-1810, autobahn01@aol.com)
     helped me out in this respect.  Matter of fact, the unit I got was for
     '84-up 5k's so it was a bit of a tight squeeze, but it is still
     working fine, a year+ later.

     Charley DePenning
     '83 5kT
     '84 GTI
     '73 C10

     >You know how some radiators have a plastic/fiberglass flange at the
     >upper hose?
     >Mine broke today.
     >Only about an inch of it broke off, but a new hose will not stay
     >attached under high pressure/high speeds. Don't ask me how I know.
     >So, has anyone ever heard of repairing this flange? If not ('86 2wd
     >engine), where should I start calling first? And how long does the
     >usually take for an average amateur wrench without a garage?
     >Ted Harlan
     >'86 5k
     >'90 CQ