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RE: S4 Bilstein P/N???

> Paul E. Rivera wrote:
> >
> > I have been asking everbody for P/N's for Bilsteins for S4's.
> > No listing, even on their Web Site.
> > So what is the dog gone darn dingy deal?
> Try looking at: <http://catalog.com/susq/bilstein/baudi.htm> for
> Susquehanna MotorSport's chart of Audi applications.
> It's actually a "frames page."  You can start at the homepage
> <http://catalog.com/susq/> and drill down through the Bilstein links to
> find it as well.  I do know that this is a relatively new update from a
> catalog he recently received.  Some may remember my posting that this
> list shows that Bilsteins are available for all _four_ corners of the
> 4kq's again.
> All disclaimers apply.  I've never bought anything from Ken, but I've
> chatted with him on a couple of occasions, and he seems nice enough.

Paul, I found this listing at www.bilstein.de:

100 Limousine/Sedan Quattro
Typ C4 mit Audi-Sportfahrwerk/with Audi sports suspension, S4 (tricky to put 
the S4 at the end like that!)
something is an M12 thread (shock tops?)
Sport P36-0370 (F) B46-2065 (R)
Sprint P36-0369 (F) B46-2066 (R)

"Sprint" is for-lowering-springs, "Sport" is not. Note these are the same part 
numbers given as for my '91 200 q, and indeed most of the large quattro cars.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 87k, P36-0370 (F) and B46-2065 (R) from RD getting the job 
done w/stock springs
1988 GTI 16v, 177k, V36-0366 (F) and B36-1504 (R) from APS, "Sprint" shocks 
with stock springs not as comfy as the Audi on same semi-bumpy road at similar 
high speeds