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RE: a/c 90q

I'm having similar problems on my 88 80q.  

If I drive the car, stop and turn on the a/c, it's ok and rpm is around
750/800.  Drive again, engine seems to hesitate/strain.  If I stop, rpm
drops to about 500rpm.  Turn off the a/c, rpm picks up to 750.

88 80q 90k miles

> A funny thing happened yesterday. I was driving along the highway when
> decided to turn on the a/c. The car started to hesitate like crazy I
> it off and its back to normal. I know there is a belt that drives the

> it but when I came to a stop I poped the hood put the a/c unit back on

> works normally, theres no strange noises or anything but when I try to

> drive with the a/c  on the engine feels like its straining to go. Has

> anybody experience this with their car? Whats a good remedy?
> Winslow
> 88 90q
> Toronto