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Re: 4ksq Tires and Suspension Questions

> > Will handling increase greatly with wider/lower tires?
> Yup. Unless you buy some Kellys or similar junk.

Not necessary wider but stiffer sidewall and stickier compound.
> > Would any handling difference between th 205's and the 195's be noticable?
> Dunno. My 205-55s cost twice as much as the 195-60s, so I can't say.

It has to do with the tires grip/compound.  The 205/55 are usually V 
rated and not only have stiffer sidewalls they are also softer 
compound (Treadwear 140 compared to 160 for 195's). The 195's are 
usually H rated and therefore softer sidewall.
If you choose a 195/60 tire with exactly the same compound and speed 
rating as 205/55 the difference in handling will be marginal unless 
internal design of the belts is also different.
Most common mistake people make is they assume that a wider tire 
makes larger contact with the pavement.  That is not the case.  Even 
if you get 255's they will still have the same contact area as 195's.
Simple physics dictates the rules.  The reason you want the wider tire 
is that as the tire rolls under load the block of tread will be in 
contact with the surface for shorter period of time (to get the same 
area the larger width of contact reduces the length of contact along 
the tire) on a wider tire there fore reducing it's chance to overheat 
under braking and acceleration.
There are a lot of things to consider with tires and wider does not 
automatically mean better.  It usually does though.

You have to compare:
- Speed rating (Z,V,H,S,T with Z the highest)
- Traction (A,B,C with A as the best)
- Treadwear (140, 160 etc lower usually means stickier)
- Teperature (A,B,C with A as the best)
- And of course the seat of the pants factor how safe you feel with a 
certain tire. Does it give you a warning before loosing traction? 


Martin Pajak

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