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Re: Getting married? (garages)

> From: ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV
> >> If you are thinking of getting married, note this, go figure and get the
> >> rules set out early.
> >Dumbos.  Buy the house _BEFORE_ getting married.
> OK so I bought the house, now I'm getting married, but about this big
> garage bit.  What's with you guys, don't you park your cars with
> the hood up on the front lawn?  What are they for after all!  ;^/

Ok, Now my turn to whine about having a 20"x25" garage, but having a dirt
floor in it! :-( And both bays are taken up by the Sciroccos! I bought that
Craftsman compressor that was mentioned a week ago with the hope that
air tools would speed the swapping of drivetraing/suspension from one
to the other. Then the old one goes to the big racetrack in the sky!
(Sad, my first car and all..)

BTW, what is the most common place to leak oil around the front of the
engine in a 5cl turbo car? (crank seal, oil pump, oil pan gasket?)