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re: 4KQ strut removal?

 quattro <quattro@acacianet.com> wrote:
> What the best/easiest/fastest way to remove F & R 4KQ struts?
> Remove the axle nut, brakes, ball-joint, tie-rod and lastly the top nut?

Just the strut inserts?  Or the whole housing assembly?

If just the inserts, you could prolly get away with jacking the car up, 
undoing the top nut, the strut collar, and moving the hardware (strut 
bearing, that washer, and the spring top thingee) out of the way.  Then 
you should be able to slide out the insert.  I didn't even have to take 
the wheels off.  Tight, but quick.  And I had to use the special wrench 
that comes with Bilstein's to tighten the strut collar, which has to go 
over the top of the strut, but inside the spring, etc.

If the whole housing, then you gotta take it all off.  Undo the top nut, 
the tie rod, and the ball joint (oh, and the axle nut).  And the caliper, 
jeez what else.  You're supposed to replace the axle nut with a brand new 
one every time.  Best to break the axle nut loose first with the wheels on 
the ground, else with the wheel off and a few lug bolts in and someone on 
the brakes.

This all refers to the front, which I have done.  I haven't delved into 
the back of a q, yet.