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Re: 5sp Conversion

Sachelle Babbar <sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu> writes: <<What would be the 
price of converting my auto to a 5spd? What parts would be needed?>>

Sorry to hear of your problems.  We feel your pain. I'm no expert here
 (and there's surely some excellent reason why my suggestion is worthless),
 but  I  would seriously consider trying to find a broken 5kQ and transplanting 
your  good parts (engine, ancillaries, interior,  etc.)  The initial outlay 
would likely be 
more, but look what you'd end up with. I would question the life expectancy
of a used slushbox in this application.

 <<My auto's forward clutches decided to weld together. This, despite 100%
 Mobil 1 and Militec.>>

You think Mobil 1 and Militec can work miracles?  I think the blame for the
transmission failure is clearly noted in your signature block:

<<*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
*'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar                    <SBABBAR@IRIS.NYIT.EDU>
*Cockpit adjustable wastegate,   AudiSport badge>>

It's obviously the AudiSport badge.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
85 UrQ