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Re: Oh No -not tires again!

At 01:45 PM 4/17/98 -0400, Robert Myers wrote:
>Hi Y'all,
>After I've gotten another 30-40K miles (yeah - right) on the existing tires
>on my S6 I will be looking for replacement tires.
>I recall there have been several tires recommended.  Can anyone tell me
>more about Dunlop D40 M2's?  

My girlfriend's Miata has D40M2's on it and I have SP8000's on my A4.  It's
tough to compare the two on different cars with different size tires, but I
think the SP8000's are better.  At very least they hydroplane less.  That
said, both are very good and I've always had very good luck with Dunlops.

http://www.tirerack.com has some good comparisons.

Paul Wilson