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Re: autoweek quote from Audi US boss: S models...

> Autoweek April 12, 1998
> New York Auto show:  "Audi's U.S. boss Gerd Klauss, on future Audi S models:
> 'Without saying too much, I can tell you that very soon you will see high-
> powered performance machines coming out of Audi that will blow you off your
> socks.'."

 was there when he spoke those words.
Trust me, there is a lot more to the context of this sentence
which was not transcribed.  In a nutshell, it was a wishy-washy
reply to a reporter's question about whether Audi intended to
capitalize on its rich motorsports history.

I hear a rumor that the S4 intro has been pushed back 
further.  We'll see...

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