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Re: 4ksq clutch replacement

Ti Kan wrote:
> Dave Fain writes:
> > Can anybody tell me for sure if the clutch and pressure plate
> > in my 1985 4000S Quattro are essentially the same units used
> > in the VW Fox?
> No.  The 5-cylinder cars don't use the same transmission/clutch
> are the 4-cylinder.  It is likely that the VW Fox clutch stuff
> is the same as the FWD 4000S models with 4-cylinder, but not
> your 4000S quattro.
> > Even the counter guy at the auto supply place
> > was surprised at the price of the throwout bearing and pilot
> > bearing for the Quattro so I wonder if the price for the same part
> > doesn't magically go up when you say "Audi".
> It's not the "Audi" that bumps the price up.  It's the 5-cylinder-ness...
> There is a certain economy-of-scale situation with parts for the
> 4-cylinder engines, because there are a lot more of them around.
> > I am wrong, but the 5 cylinder Audi engine looks an awful
> > lot like the 4 cylinder in my 1989 Fox with an extra
> > cylinder grafted onto the front of it.  I have heard that
> > a 4000S (non-Quattro) transaxle will fit a Fox, is this correct?
> The 4 cylinder Audi 4000 and VW Fox both use the type 013
> transmission, but the 5 cylinder quattro is a type 016.
> > How about the water pump?  Are they interchangeable?
> Interchangeable only between the 4 cylinders cars again.  Not
> between the 4-cylinder and 5-cylinder.  The 4-cyl cars have
> an external water pump, driven by the alternator belt.  The
> 5-cyl cars have a water pump located inside of the timing
> belt cover, and driven by the timing belt itself.

Thanks for the reply.  Now I feel a little better about
spending $250 for the parts for a clutch rebuild.