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Re: duplicating keys and key codes

Not sure if this is useful, but what the hell...

I've recently gone through the exact same machinations on the whole key
thing, except w/ a '93 S4 which does use a IR transmitter, but also has a
more standard shank.

I tried and tried, 4 different dealers some apathetic, some genuinely
willing to help, none able to get the key code. Regardless of VIN. One tried
to order an emergency key from the factory using VIN, but no code = no key.
Bottom line I got to was unless you have the code you are outta luck.

I had a valet key that wasn't worn much at all and I used that as the
pattern. I think my year has the code stamped on the ignition cylinder. A
nightmare to get to.

On your seat memory, does the S6 manual detail programming this feature? The
S4 manual goes through it in great detail. Cool function, except that all 4
memory positions are set to my settings so it doesn't add much value in my

I know your key is pretty funky, in that the cut is on the center of the
sides of the shank. I gotta assume that no matter how good the locksmith
that this is a pretty specialized piece and the dealer is probably the only
way to go. About 5 months ago a lister that works at a dealership (in Pacifc
North West?) posted that they had the key cutting machine. I tried to
contact him when I was needing to get my key cut, but I was unable to
contact him.

Good luck,

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Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 12:57 PM
Subject: duplicating keys and key codes

>My wife lost her key to der UBERWGN.  It's not the kind of key I can get
>copied down at the local hardware store.
>My Houston dealership told me that without key codes I am out of luck,
>and that they weren't really written down anywhere formally or
>obtainable in any simple manner.  What a surprise, I would think that
>there must be a way for the dealership to be able to get them, based on
>the VIN perhaps...
>The Chicago dealer where I bought the car said that the key codes were
>not written down on the deal folder, so they didn't have them either.
>But the Chicago dealer told me that any dealer could copy a key.
>Further, I thought that the driver and passenger keys were different, so
>that they triggered memory seat positions one and two.  The Chicago
>dealer told me that the keys didn't do this, only the infrared remotes
>do.  I can no longer test this theory, having only one key (plus the
>valet key) remaining.
>Anybody out there have any useful knowledge about any of this?