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Re: Need cruise vacuum pump - 85 4KSQ

> Mike- There have been several good postings on how to trouble shhot/repair
> cruise controls. If you can't locate them let me know and i will forward. If
> you have isolated the problem to the pump, the fix may be as easy as cleaning
> the pump with saopy water. My pump did not produce enough vacuum to hold the
> diaphram in, but cycling warm soapy water through it fixed it just fine. One
> year later, cruise still working, and this was after the dealer told me the
> control unit was bad ($400).

The Bentley manual has an extensive section on troubleshooting
the cruise control.  If all else fails, get the manual (if you
don't already have it).  It will pay for itself the first time
you fix something without paying a mechanic to do it.  Apologies
to all the Audi mechanics out there.....