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RE: 87 5KQ... Blew top Rad. Hose...Parts??

NAPA has them,

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> Sent: Saturday, April 18, 1998 6:08 PM
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> Subject: 87 5KQ... Blew top Rad. Hose...Parts??
> Had an interesting experience today on I-10 going to Mobile.
> My Triangle for water temp. came on, I looked at Temp guage & it 
> was normal.
> I thought, OK the Audi Gods are teasing me.
> But my faithful Temp guage started going up past the normal 
> mid-way point &
> went to 3/4ths before I pulled into a rest stop.  The top Rad. 
> hose blew at
> the engine, was able to cut bad part off & fix (Navy Style).
> QUESTIONS.... Where is a good source for such parts... called local Auto
> Zone, DAPS, Napa, etc & they didn't have it in their books.  Is a 87
> 5KQ(non-turbo) have a 2.1 or a 2.3 & what is the difference?
> What is the best way to flush the cooling system & should I use Prestone
> flush.  Should I take the Raditor out, hold upside down & reverse 
> flush?  (I
> will put in distilled water back in)  
> What kind of antifreeze should I use?
> Anyway I need a source for raditor hoses besides the Audi dealer 
> in Mobile.
> Thanks,
> Bob