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Wheels from CGT and 4kQ possibly available, and KYB struts

Hey all, also, i will probably have 6 wheels to offer to you guys.  All 
Ronal R8's in the 4x108 pattern, all 14 inch.  4 will have worn AVS 
Intermediates, with 2 of those with some decent tread left.  All 4 with 
the AVS's are slightly bent, but even with those tires and a brand new 
KYB Sport suspension, i never felt and shaking or anything from them, so 
maybe they are good for winter or such.  The other 2 should be perfectly 
round, but there are some scrapes from parking and such i think....just 
lemme know what you guys want to pay.

Also, i dont know if i want to bother, but i have 2 brand new tie rods in 
the front from the coupe that maybe i could get out in a day or so.  Dont 
know what they are worth

Also, i can take out the 2 strut assemblies, complete with hub and BRAND 
new KYB Sport struts in them, stock springs if the price is right.  Time 
is limited on this offer though, and i dont know if i will be able to do 
this one...jsut lemme know what they would be worth to you if you want 

I would take off the rear ones too, but i think that they need at least 2 
wheels and stuff so that they can tow it...oh well...


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car
Well, went like a new car.....right into a guard rail :o(