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Re: SOLO II Tire ?

>I think the rules for stock class state that the wheel size must not
>vary from stock by more than 8mm in any dimension. You might want to
>verify this before buying a set. 

The wheel must be the same size as OEM on the particular model of car you're
competing with (an exception is made for cars with 12" and/or TRX wheels)
but the offset can be changed +/- .25" (6.37mm) ... unless you are really
good or competing against some real nitpickers, though, most people will to
cut novices some slack on this.  Of course, if you're actually going to buy
wheels instead of using a set you already have, there's no reason not to buy
ones that are legal ... worst case, you may have to buy another set of OEM

If your wheels don't meet the above requirements, you'll be moved to Street
Prepared, where wheels/tires are free ... along with a lot of suspension
modifications, bolt-on engine mods and EFI systems, etc.  Unless you don't
care about winning -- and if so, why are you competing? -- I would stay in
stock until you're ready to throw some money at the car and/or retire it
from regular street use.  Besides, when you're just starting, I think the
biggest bang-for-the-buck in terms of improving performance is found with
the driver, not the car.  In my experience, if you have some talent, you can
be competitive in just about anything locally, especially older Audis ...
BTDT many, many times.   :^)

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