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RE: fuel injection (was: Re: Wheels & Upgrades)

I would suspect that this AVS box is something along the lines of the
temp sender mod that Tony Lum talked about a few weeks back.  If one
takes a moment to step back and think, other than reprogramming the ECU,
the only thing that anyone can do is to build a box that fakes out the
inputs or modifies the outputs ...

My personal opinion is that _if_ the TAP or IA mods actually involve
reprogramming the ECU (I don't want to get into the "chip" discussion
again!) then no matter how useless they are the AVS box can't be any
more useful.  Well, I suppose if one built a separate box that took all
of the sensor inputs that the ECU gets and drives the output signals
that the ECU drives one might be able to do better ... ;-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> So this black box at AVS, this is different than those "useless"
> computer
> upgrades for the 4kcsq and C-GT from TAP and IA?  This is a different
> animal?