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Con-fuse-ing info

In message <v03110702b15fe95b8909@[]> Phil Rose writes:

> Hmmmm, I wonder: What _is_ fuse 24? According to the list on the fuse box
> cover, fuse #24 is "not used"! According to the '91 200q Owner's Manual
> it's again stated to be "not used"! According to the fusebox description in
> the front section of Bentley Manual (vol. one), it's still "not used".
> Three strikes and you're out, right?

a) The fuse box cover is _never_ right.  Peel the sticker out and
   throw it away.  I did a complete audit of the MB-engined ur-quattro
   from the wiring diagrams and produced a Word document that printed
   out in the correct format to stick in the cover.

b) Owner's manuals are _notorious_ for being poor updates of the manual
   for the previous model.  It seems that AoA and Audi (UK) simply read
   the new German one, tried to spot changes, and did the changes
   they spotted in their English versions.  E.g., despite the turbo
   being water-cooled on the MB, the "40 seconds rundown" advice was
   unchanged from the WR - and despite the engine being specifically
   designed for unleaded fuel (see the microfiche, at length) the
   owner's manual _still_ specifies 98 octane (UK rating) leaded.

c) Bentley is a straight translation of the German manuals.  However,
   they chose not to copy the format of the German wiring diagrams but
   to put together a "typical car" single diagram.  This they also got

> I suspect the PO needed a spare fuse--saw a presumably "not used" fuse in
> slot #24--and pulled it to use elsewhere. Who knows?
> Anyway, I learned (a) don't be _too_ quick to criticize the "monkey lads";
> (b) don't believe _all_ of Audi's technical information; and (c) read on.

Fuse 24 is also documented as "unused" in the MB ur-quattro's fusebox
lid.  It is also essential to proper operation.

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