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Re: Your Tire Wear Problem

See my answers below.  For now, I simply swapped the front right and the 
left rear tires (they are not directional, so it should it be ok to do 

Michael Stocker wrote:
> Farzad,
> About your tire wear problem.
> Before I give you my opinion, I do have a couple of questions:
> 1. Are all the tires on your Audi all the same size and design?  yes.
> 2. Did you buy them all at the same time? yes, new tires and new car.
> 3. What inflation pressures do you use?approx. 38psi 
> 4. Please describe the wear
>     - Is it uniform across the tread, or is it worn more in one side
>       than the other, or more to the outside of the tread than in
>       the center?worn more towards the inside than the outside, same for both left and right.
>     - Is the wear even as you go around the tire, or are there spots
>       with more wear than others?  wear is even all around.
>     - When you look at the tread elements, are they wearing flat,
>       or are they wearing at an angle?  flat.
> 5. Can you feel any vibration from your tires as you drive?  no vibration, tracks straight.
> 6. Can you hear any excessive noise from your tires?  the car is generally noisy (road noise seems high, but I think this is a peculiarly 
AUdi 90 thing, not tire specific)
> Michael D. Stocker
> mdstockr@neo.lrun.com
> http://home.neo.lrun.com/pim/home.htm