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Source of Wheels and Paint Question

Does anyone know where I can find a set of four wheels that will fit a
1990 200 quattro?  I've been changing the summer and winter tires each
season and have finally decided that having a second set of wheels would
be much easier.  So if anyone has four wheels for sale cheap (need to be
straight, but scratches and scrapes ok) or knows somewhere I can buy
steel wheels, please let me know.  

Also, has anyone repainted the area directly above the rear bumper?  I'm
finally starting to get rusty areas that look like they are where the
bumper or chrome strip attaches to the body (regular spaced spots of
rust directly above the chrome).  What do you do about the galvanizing?
I can grind it down to bare metal, prime it and paint it, but will that
last?  I assume that even if a body shop did it, they wouldn't
regalvanize it.  Any suggestions??