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"Special Report" on the AVS 'Black Box'

Well- awhile ago I succumbed to curiosity, and purchased
AVS's little black box, or as they call it:
"Electronic Power Box for KE-Jetronic Audis"

The only "claim" AVS makes about the box is:

    "We have found that, although KE-Jetronic Audis in stock form
are provided with sufficient amounts of fuel for normal driving, these
cars are running considerably leaner than ideal air/ fuel ratio that
produces maximum horsepower.  The power box allows the engine
to run much closer to this ideal ratio.  This is why even stock engines
can benefit from the Power Box.  The biggest gains to be had though,
are from modified engines"

     "The device measures two basic parameters: throttle position(full
and engine speed.  The devices output is bridged into the car's fuel
system via the control pressure actuator (E.H.A.)   The output signals from
the powerbox changes the current loads to the fuel distributor, thus
the amount of fuel sent to each of the injectors".

The box connects to the coil, engine ground, control pressure actuator, and
full throttle micro switch wire.  The box can be adjusted for "peak current"
via an eight position rotary switch.

What I have found in "testing"  box on my "heavily modified" Coupe GT,
is it does produce a "small" gain, at higher rpm.

However, my Coupes fueling system doesn't suffer from running "too lean"!
Quite the contrary!
I run a modified fuel pressure head with a higher than stock pressure,
adjustable, fuel pressure regulator.
My Coupe get "plenty" of gas!  As verified with my exhaust gas analyzer!

So the black box from AVS probably wont do me much good.

I'll sell it to whom ever wants to try it on their Audi.