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Re: Wait some

In a message dated 98-04-10 11:47:22 EDT, you write:

<< I just wonder how your butt is calibrated to dettect a better 
 >chassis? :)
 >I have driven both of them and thought the opposite.
 >I can't prove it so I do not claim it.
 >Are you a race driver?  Driven any F1 races lately?
 >So do not tell everyone BMW chassis is better just by the way it 
 >feels to you.   I do not claim one is better than other.  I just wonder how
 >can be so sure.  Did you design both cars?
I'm just a goofball, Martin.  My butt seems pretty well calibrated, but Bruce
and I already had that discussion.  My G-analyst, Gtech and vericom seem to be
pretty accurate.  Chassis stiffness is a quality in my "evaluation", maybe not
yours.  No big deal.  But while that chassis flexes so do all your arcs and
suspension alignments.  I sure have seen a lot of audis with cracked
windshields because of that too.  Chassis dynamics is possibly a subjective
evaluation.  I suppose we could jack up a few cars and make that objective.
Best close the doors first.....
>> And a buyer of 90 quattro would not go and see what BMW has to offer?
 You change your stories to make things fit your way.  You use physics 
 >to explain torsen, yet do not believe people who drive them.  You quote 
 >magazines and yourself but not look at physics of chassis dynamics.   >>
Not with you there?  I believe in physics, it's a long term survival instinct
for me.  I use physics to explain a physical switch.  I don't believe those
who want to TELL anyone that the physics is dorky, and the bite never happens.
Happy to accept that it hasn't happened to anyone who claims so.  Also happy
to accept that it happened to me and why.  I look at chassis dynamics all the
time.  I'm just a nerd that finds it interesting.  Why would anyone
triangulate a front swaybar to the control arm?  What's with that?

Martin, this is just a flame, so taken.  Pick a specific issue to discuss,
happy to.  What you are doing here is flaming, not making much headway.