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Re: noisy creaking urethane A-arm bushings?

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Ken Keith wrote:

> Has anyone out there with urethane (are they the same as Delrin?) control
> arm bushings noticed them making lots of noise, basically creaking and
> popping?
> My car sounds like the front end of falling apart, but everything seems
> to be tight.  I got an alignment yesterday, and we took the sway bar
> completely out because we thought it was the cause, but it's still there.
> Today, it seems to be getting worse and worse.  I was thinking my motor
> mounts were completely shot and about to let my motor fall to the ground,
> but just now I checked it and it seems okay.  I was pretty much convinced
> it was the motor mounts until I shook the motor and stuff.  The car makes
> a whole lot of noise with up and down movement tho.  It even makes the
> noise just driving alot, especially but not only on bumps.
> The thing is, with the car jacked up, everything is totally solid.  I'm
> thinking that since I replaced the struts and strut bearings, and it
> lifted the front end up about an inch, that maybe the urethane bushings
> are in a different range of motion, which has perhaps worsened the
> creaking problem.
> Any experience out there with noisy, noisy bushings?
> Thanks,
> Ken
> Auditude
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Mine creak occasionally, but now I'm used to it.

'88 90Q 173K miles

Nathan Belo

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