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Re: ernie the milkman

I watched the first round of STW yesterday, it seems that 4wd has only been
banned for works teams - a lot of privateers (ok, 2 or 3 of 'em) were
running last years works A4 quattros. They were well outclassed by the 2wd
cars even though the Hockenheim circuit looked like a lake. The A4 2wd put
up a reasonable performance although Christian Abt spent most of the sprint
race punting off as many of the other competiors as he could. After a fine
drive in the longer race which saw him reach 3rd place for a while he is
currently 3rd in the championship.
Michelin suffered the embarrassment of discovering that their hi-tech rain
tyre was not suitable for the combination of wet and cold and was
consistently out-performed during practice by the off-the-shelf wets being
used by the privateers. The works teams complained so vociferously that the
Michelin engineers spent Saturday scouring tyre wholesalers warehouses for
enough of the ordinary tyres to equip all the teams.

Jim Haseltine
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Date: 20 April 1998 00:44
Subject: ernie the milkman

add inside the front cover of this week's autosport.  full page

picture is of a 3-wheel milk truck complete with the audi rings..


can we race now?

smaller type underneath:

"audi's quattro technology is so superior it's been banned worldwide from
1998 touring car chanpionships.  to even things up perhaps we should race
something with 3 wheel drive.  ernie the milkman is on standby"