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5kcstq:Banjo fitting and pentosin questions

Dear fellow listers,
I have a small pentosin leak from a banjo fitting at the bottom of my
"bomb".  It is a slight leak that I figgred I would remedy before the wife
gets upset at the stains on the driveway.
My questions are:
What should I use for washers/gaskets on this fitting (thats where the
lleak is)?  The bentley is unclear on what they are and what size they are
Is there any value in changing the pentosin in the system while I am at it?
Also, I believe there are two types of pentosin - something like an 11s and
a 7.1s or something.  I think one is synthetic and one is mineral.  I
believe both are green :-)  Any wisdom as to the proper option.

Thanks for any help,
Randy P.